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I want to hide
hide away from the world
deep in the forest far away
in a tucked away cabin under the blankets
with my soul dolly pressed in my arms.
I want to hide away so deep my fears can’t find me.

At the same time…
I am on my way to face the fear
To experience that also this
is bigger in my head than in the world
To experience I can comfort myself,
ensure that I will be ok even if the situation is not
To experience I may become angry, but that it does not mean I hurt anyone. And that even if I do, they can hold themselves or learn from it. I’m not their savior, not their safe keeper. It’s not my responsibility. It is mine to learn how to deal with these emotions. How not to be overwhelmed by them, they are not surrounding me like a bubble. They are something I experience, they are a messy bol in me.

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