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Last monday: A few years back I did an online four day thing with Klara Adalena. It put a lot in motion! The most important that I took from that event is allowing and paradox. Both are giving me a lot of freedom the more I understand them.

Ik hoef niet alles te kunnen. Ik kan heel veel wel. (translation: I don’t have to be able to do everything. There is much I can)

Yoga was beautiful tonight. Very confronting in how easily I can flip out my body, how little faith I have in my body, and how scared I am to play. At the same time i have found new balance points, rolled on my back to feel that I can, and can roll on my side as easily. Laughed a lot, cried a little, and very very greatful!

Today I learned I can take time to choose, and that it usually leads to better results. If I try to do everything, changes are that I have to spread myself too thin. PMT is brilliant, cause in a set of four games I could experience how I lost, how I can change it and experience success.
It also became clear how much I look at what others do and adapt accordingly, while I know at the same time that both the process and the result are better when I stay true to myself. Also cause from that point I can make true connection with others. Another part about today’s session in a Dutch post…

After today’s PMT I also had a meeting with my case worker, and learned that I can have a proper holiday in the UK at Christmas. We have to ask for leave, since being absent may hurt the process. And in a few weeks there is a meeting with my support figure and me, and they were able to schedule it when my beloved is here and are willing to do it in English. Happy me 😀

I made the choice to take a lunch break in this lovely patch of nature between Stiphout and Gerwen with woodpeckers around me 😀

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