Letting my hair down

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Just back home after a flying visit to the UK. To my love, and to the wonderful exhibition in the national glass centre showing the amazing work of one of our friends and her cohort of glass and ceramic students. It was a beautiful visit, in which we figured out more how to eat sensibly when being together. I was as drunk as a lord (no clue where that saying comes from) after the opening of the exhibition, and needing to spend most of the Saturday in bed. That also was good. I was able to let my hair down and relax. I utterly enjoyed myself, and could fully surrender to the moment again. Something I was always good at, but lost somehow.

* Picture: work from Ruth Brenner

Though al the work at the exhibition was stunning, this touched me the most. I only realized when talking to our friend and telling how I had not taken a picture of this since it was to raw on the bone.

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