Goodbye… and a new beginning

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Spnners of wisdom
Weavers of life
Always an ending
And always a new begin

(Evelien Brighid, translation Tressy Driver)

This summer feels als a goodbye to my old life, and as an embrace of allowing parts of me to be. In 2010 I have been invited – together with my then partner – to come with my mentor and her partner to the Glastonbury Goddess Conference (GGC). An experience that has had a major impact on my life, and not just due to the falling in love the year after that put my life upside down practically.
This year was our last year. Well… until a loved one from half way across the world announced to say goodbye to the GGC in 2019. For that we’ll be back, for that I’ll be back. It feels as a goodbye now, as the completion of a circle.The coming back in 2019 indicates what has been most important to me in coming to the GGC: the introduction in a worldwide community of powerful women and men who contribute to a world I want to live in. Inspiring people having their own relationship with the sacred whole that is the world, and giving that form in their own community.
This year I truly felt my own threads at the GGC for the first time. From the theards handed to me by my mentor, I could feel which ones are mine and which ones are not. From the threads handed to me by my beloved, I could feel which ones are mine and which ones are not. From the threads to others I could feel clearer which ones support me and how. I could see and feel clearer. THe beautiful, the vulnerable and the examples in standing in own power. I managed to walk my own path, really sinc into the embrace of the circle, and mostly I managed to be in the moment and in contact with people most important to me.

One of the assignment in the opre-therapy has been the naming of life goals. Writing them down created a lot of clarity, but also grief. It felt as having to let go parts of me that support me now, make me whole, like the offering of workshops. This feels different now. Yes I will have to say goodbye to parts of me, but they are parts that do not serve me, that block the flow. Writing this I feel the fear again: what if it is too much, what if I bit of more than I can chew? That is what I hope to learn: how to feed myself, create structure and peace in a way that impulsiveness is a strength, and my openess and involvement can flow in love and I do not have to create boundaries to protect myself.  That I can let go of the layer of protection because I found other ways to connect with the world. All in its own time.

* Picture: Monique van Beeck, Dutch Goddess Conference 2010

  1. Sondra Ann

    It’s powerful, sensing the tension of the threads and letting them lay across your palms without having them tangle around old calluses on your fingers. Keep doing your thing, Sweetheart, in your own time.
    Thanks for sharing xxx

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